How UDT eSchool is Helping Schools in CBSE Result Declaration?

CBSE Result Declaration
CBSE Result Declaration

The eagerness and nervousness to see the CBSE Class 12th or 10th Board results can be witnessed in every student awaiting the results. Even the schools seem equally eager for the CBSE Result Declaration. The reputation of the school does rely on these board exam results. That is why, schools spend hours in analysing the CBSE board result and knowing who is at the top, who all are in merit, and who failed in the examination. Though, earlier this task used to be quiet hectic but thanks to the organizations like UDTeSchool, who are offering support in analysing the Class 12th and 10th board results.

Unaware of the presence of such facilities, many schools are still spending hours in analysing the result. It is making them waste a lot of time in navigating through the complexities of the CBSE Result Declaration. But the web application offered by UDTeSchool has made it easier for schools to analyse the result in detail. If you are also among those schools, do explore this blog to understand how such web applications are a great support for schools in analysing board exam results.

How the UDT eSchool Web Application Works?

UDTeSchool is known for offering automated school management system that can benefit schools, students, and parents. It offers multiple software and web applications that are easy to use to attain maximum benefits out of it in terms of education and examination. Similarly, it offers a web application which can be accessed on any web browser with ease to do the complete analysis of the Class 10th and 12th Boards results.

1. All the schools who wish to analyse the CBSE Result Declaration must click on this web link –
2. Schools can login on this web platform by simple mobile number authentication.
3. They are then required to upload a text file which is provided to them for analysing the CBSE Board result.

In only a few clicks they will get the complete analysis on their screen without any manual task. Schools that are already aware of this automated CBSE school result analysis programme, they have enrolled themselves for the same. They are utilizing this to get the complete information about:

• School Performance Report for CBSE Class X and Class XII.
• CBSE Board Result and percentage of every student and overall topper result.
• CBSE All Subject Result and Performance Report for each subject including English, History, Political Science, Geography, Computer Science, Economics, Psychology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education, Business Studies, and Accountancy.
• Details of each Subject Topper including their marks
• Number of students who passed in the CBSE Class 10th or Class 12th Board examination
• Percentage or Grade of the students who are at the top
• Number of students with compartment in the CBSE Class X and Class XII examination.

When all these information are available in a few clicks without utilizing more time and energy, every school these days wishes to use such web platform. Though there are several other brands who claim to offer such software of web applications, but their success rate is quite low when it comes to offering accurate exam analysis before CBSE Result Declaration.

Benefits of Using UDT eSchool Web Application for CBSE Result Declaration Analysis

Get results analysis at zero cost – Unlike the most brands that charge heavily to offer complete automated analysis to different schools. UDTeSchool is known for offering this service free of cost. It is helping schools save huge cost that they pay for getting the result analysed before the CBSE Result Declaration.

Eliminates manual task for analysing result – Analysing all the above-mentioned information about the CBSE Board Exam Result manually is a time taking process. It takes many hours for one to analyse the result by checking every detail manually. Thanks to the presence of UDTeSchool Web Application which allows one to generate it automatically in a few minutes which saves both time and energy which goes into manual task.

Eliminates the risk of error – As the complete analysis is done through the automated application, there is no scope of error left. However, when one does all this calculation manually, they often face problem. Also, they are required to re-evaluate the same to minimize the risk of error if any.

Get complete information before CBSE Result Declaration – Schools are in hurry to get this analysis before the CBSE Result Declaration. It is essential for them to get the complete list to publish it easily when the CBSE Class 10th or Class 12th result gets declared. Whether they wish to publish the merit list or the list of the students who scored highest percentage in the board exams or the number of students passed from their school, they can get all the information from one source only.

We know that due to the complexity of running or installing such software, most schools refrain themselves from using them. But UDTeSchool is not offering any such software; instead it is providing a web platform which can be accessed on different internet browsers to get the details. With all such benefits and that too at free of cost, we now know how UDTeSchool is helping schools in transforming a better future by adapting such new techniques and software. If you are also worried about analysing the CBSE result before the CBSE Board Exam Result declaration, then look no further than this brand.


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