Digital Revolution in Online Examination Module

Even though students are forced to adopt the online examination module due to the outburst of the coronavirus pandemic, many students prefer to opt for online platforms due to the availability of secure and automated online examination modules. The high-speed internet has enabled a seamless transition to the online ecosystem.

Not only universities, but schools and many educational institutions across the country have progressed and adapted to the Secure and Automated Online Examination Module.

Benefits Online Exam Software

● With the help of Online Exam Software, students can be able to schedule their tests and exams through class-wise scheduling. Thus, they will not miss any exam or test.
● The online platform allows them to track their scheduled exams.
● They can share their exam schedules with the teachers and parents.
● Parents can also stay on track with their ward’s exams and tests and get notified.
● Students get an automated alarm before any scheduled test or exam.
● The software allows schools to track reports, documents, materials with students.
● This allows a balanced approach to impart knowledge and easy to grease candidates.
● Mark sheets can be printed as per CBSE and the state board format
● Teachers and administration have options to upload structures of students’ marks
● Students or parents can see and download results through the UDT app
● Parents and teachers have an option to evaluate students’ performance and know where a particular student has a weak point and where he/she is strong

The Objective of Online Exams

The objective Secure and Automated Online Examination Module are to undertake the paradigm shift from offline to online processes. The internet industry is growing at a rapid pace, and factors such as scalability, convenience, better reach, enhanced communication, flexible schedule options, are shaping its adoption.


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