How Online Class Software Is Helpful for Both Schools and Students


Advancements in technology have come a long way to serve mankind. It has brought to us different cloud-based software products that have enhanced the quality of our lifestyle. Schools and institutions across the globe are choosing online class software to teach students by maintaining distance. Due to countless benefits, educational institutions have started using class management tools to reduce cost as well as workload.

Online Class Software

The online class software is designed to have multiple features, such as running class online, maintaining a record of attendance, auto attendance of online class, options to track the presence of students, and much more. This software helps create databases to keep attendance records and maximize the participation of students.

Some other features include preparing Customization reports, managing Timetable, keeping records of students during the examination and much more.

Benefits of Online Class Software during COVID-19 Pandemic

Online classes empower teachers and students to set their own teaching and learning pace. They enjoy the flexibility of setting a schedule that meets the agenda of everyone. They will be able to manage a better balance of studies and work. Students can access wider study materials from anywhere. Schools can offer online versions of their programs for different levels and disciplines. Getting a certificate or diploma without being physically available on campus is an additional benefit of safe and virus-free online classes.

With this software, students will be able to learn from anywhere. There is no need for commuting and getting exposed to the deadly virus. This helps them save time and money as well as protect their health. Moreover, the Online school software allows flexibility for requirements and level of ability for each student. Teachers will be able to customize study patterns based on requirements. This leads to greater interaction and more feedback between teachers and students.

Auto Attendance

Another feature of online class software is auto attendance. It is a system that has been designed to track the attendance of students, the progress of the students when it comes to class-wise attendance. It simplifies the task of attendance and helps schools manage data on a real-time basis.


Online Schools are more cost-effective and safe for classes. This allows schools better budget management. If you are searching for online class software, connect with UDTeSchool at +91 9711400141. We are one-of-a-kind School management schools that are fully automated.

Our software is HTTPS certified. So, it lets the transfer of data more secure. So, there is no threat when it comes to developing a secure platform for documents, monetary transactions, and files without a threat. The online class software designed by us thrives on bringing teachers, students, parents, and the management together on the same seam.


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