How Realtime Results Updation Helps Teachers and Reduces Stress of Students

School results communicate and track the growth of a student during a specific period. For many years, the results were communicated to parents were always a quantitative assessment, not a qualitative assessment of the knowledge and learning that students would have assimilated during their learning period.

It would create a stressful situation for students, giving rise to a negative learning attitude. Students used to be caught in wrong activities such as rote learning copy during the examination. Thanks to the facility of real-time results updation.

Realtime Results Updation

The influx of Realtime Results Updation has brought great relief to everyone, from students and parents to teachers. To be precise, the online exam software features real-time result updation which gives a push for an expansion through end-product information.

  • The real-time results or data in the education industry give access to all stakeholders.
  • Students can use the program as per their needs with the help of real results.
  • Students and teachers are able to make sure timely closure of the program.
  • Teachers can also use the data of a particular student to confirm if they are teaching at the right level
  • They can also customize instruction based on individual learning needs and patterns.

Benefits of Realtime Results Updation

Below we bring you a more in-depth look into the benefits of real-time results updation.

  • Faster Results – With the help of this tool, results can be calculated automatically and are ready to view or sent to students.
  • Error Free – The online tool for updating real-time results eliminate the problem of the tiresome process of manually collecting results, marking them, calculating marks then converting them into grades, and keeping results safe until the parents see them.
  • It Motivates Students – This feature of our online examination system lets students have an accurate indication of their academic performance. The immediate results help them reduce the stress of waiting for their results, identifying their strong points or weakness.

Bias-Free Checking Of Marks – The lack of human interruption makes sure that students’ results are free from personal prejudices and biases.


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