Online Examination System: Most Reliable Tool to Conduct Examinations


If you intend to stay updated with the latest trends in the education sector, then you cannot ignore Online Examination Software, which is a significant technological advancement. Every school must configure it in their examination system. After all, this remarkable technology has revolutionized the entire examination system and has become a choice among many schools and colleges. This tool allows schools to conduct exams easily on a computer which leads to saving time and paper.

Take a glance at some of the salient features and exclusive benefits of the Online Examination System:

Suitable for teachers and students

The main role of online examination software is to create a mutually beneficial scenario for schools and students. It allows straightforward and self-explanatory questions with relevant options to make the lives of students hassle-free. Students are not forced to waste time reading every line as they would do in the traditional exam format. The software enables schools or colleges to prepare questions and immensely correct, track and grade.

Further, using this online tool, students are able to set the date of their tests and exams through class-wise scheduling. So, they do not miss any exams. Also, they remain on track with their exam update without failing them. The exam schedules feature in the software can be shared with teachers, parents, thereby bringing to their notice.

Moreover, the online examination system helps parents to keep updated about their children’s exams and tests thus staying noticed. Before any exam or test is scheduled, an automatic alarm is set to make students and other individuals aware and keep track of the exam schedule. Thus, they get notification of the tests and the examinations that are likely to take place.

Detailed Performance Analysis

The online examination tool is easy to use and has some more great features that bring about a great deal of time and cost savings for you. Some of the features have been listed below:

● Variety of questions
● Interactive Admin Dashboard
● Clear demarcation of exam groups and subjects
● Option for adding multiple subjects
● Charts to display performance levels
● Categorization of questions as per difficulty levels
● Editing options
● After-exam supports
● Smooth student management support

Aside from all these, the software allows exporting questions from the tool to another file for future reference. Exam control features such as negative marketing, defining the number of attempts, access to free exams, giving students access to answer sheets after correction, setting time limits to take up exams are other benefits.

Result Notification

The institution or college enjoys the feature to print their students’ mark sheets according to the CBSE and the state board format. These marks of students can be uploaded through the UDT mobile application by the administration and teachers. And, parents or students are able to see results using the mobile app or the official website.

Because results are openly out in the mobile application and the web application, parents and teachers are able to access a platform and analyze, evaluate their wards’ results. Thus, this will allow teachers and parents to help with the performance of their students.

Cost Benefits

Using UDT Online Examination System makes sure that you can avail the professional services and cost benefits. When you choose the system from UDT, you happen to get a lot of user-friendly features, well-categorized and balanced as well as structured processes – everything within a reasonable price structure.


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