School Management Software Featuring Auto Blocking of Defaulters

When it comes to maintaining and keeping accounts of all the records, modes of income, expenses of the group to measure and analyze the needs of your school for growth and development, well-designed School Management Software comes to play an important role. The software allows school management to upload and showcase all bills with receipts for creating transparency to the respective authorities and users who have access to the accounts.

One of the most crucial features to ensure complete security and safety of your data is Auto Blocking of Defaulters. This means that your school management software has the quality to automatically block defaulters, scan, find and block selected technologies or websites until the visitors provide consent. No extra coding or integrations are required.

Auto-Blocking Defaulters

This feature allows the software to block defaulters and certain categories of cookies based on the consent models chosen within your realm.  You also have the option to make changes to your consent models, categorization. You can make changes within the system and the changes will reflect in real-time on your website.

The feature of auto-blocking of defaulters reduces or eliminates the need for time-consuming development and tag manager integrations that are found in traditional manual blocking solutions; reducing implementation time from days to minutes.

Because of the lack of resources and a large number of students, UDT has been engaged in making top-quality school ERP software, school management systems, online exam app, online school app, and online payment systems. Our system is designed with advanced technologies that can be used for computerized examinations and have had mostly positive experiences.

The system allows students to sign up for examinations, write their answers online, and afterward get their results by email or through the app. For administration, the software can help by offering the possibility of getting the list of participants, checking answers for grading. The software also automatically combines the results and distributes them personally to the students, etc.


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