Is School Management Software Right For My School in 2022?


If you’re doubtful whether school management software is right for your school, then this blog is worth a read. In short, it is the right option for your school. Why? Because it helps you digitally manage the day-to-day administration tasks, monitor daily activities, and manage all the resources and information, enables parents or guardians to access their child’s records, enables teachers to monitor students’ academic progress.

In fact, school management software is a one-stop platform for students, parents, school administrators, office managers, and accountants. It fully automates school admissions, examination schedule, enrollment, and class schedule, as well as securing storage for your important files, such as images, documents, and videos.

Moreover, the software automates and optimizes teacher workload, allows schools to simplify enrollment processing, and enables teachers to monitor students’ academic progress. Faster enrollment, easy to manage school records, and grading with the click of a mouse are other benefits of school management software.

Let’s get insights into the software to clear your doubt and prove how it is right for your school in 2022.

Modules and Features of School Management Software

Some of the standard modules and features in the school management system are the following:

School Information Management:

One of the prime features of the school management software is that it allows you to record all academic and behavioral information of students, helps your school manage admissions, divide classrooms, handle student registrations, generate and allocate exam admit cards, etc.

Your management team can perform these activities by calculating the number of faculties, students, and classrooms.

Student management:

This module of the software enables school institutions to create a 360-degree profile of each student throughout their school journey. It gives complete information about students’ rights from their admission to their current status. It allows schools to update students.

  • personal and family information such as photographs.
  • demographic details, health records.
  • emergency contacts, academic transcripts.
  • achievements, extracurricular activities.
  • attendance records.

and so on. Such information on the application is used to create students’ ID cards, and send notified parents about their ward’s attendance and academic achievements.

Campus management:

This module of the system empowers your school staff to improve workflow by fully automating repetitive tasks. It simplifies the entire process of managing all your on-campus and off-campus chores. Automating admission and registration for existing and new students is another benefit.

It assists you in managing school administration, generating gate-pass, managing security, and visitors, allocating location-wise transportation, and scheduling appointments.

Faculty management:

This module of school management software allows schools to see a complete overview of facilities. It helps the faculty members to allocate classes to teachers, schedule timetables, and create lesson plans. The school faculty can also track the attendance of students and share data with other teachers.

In addition to this, you can easily access the information related to faculty members’ personal information, employment history, qualifications, salaries as well as feedback from their students and fellow faculty members.

Exam management:

The exam management feature in the software helps in calculating the eligibility for exams, creating question papers, assigning classrooms, assessing the scores, and generating reports. Using this module, your faculty members can create and support written, mathematical, image, video, and even audio-based questions.

Leave Management System

The leave management feature streamlines the time off requests for teachers and other faculty members. With the module, it is very easy to monitor, track, approve or deny any leaves on the go.

Attendance management

The module in the system helps maintain student attendance through biometrics, IDs, or registration. Also, you will be able to monitor the entry and exit of students, teachers, and other faculty members. In addition, you can track the total number of attendees for a particular class.

Assessment Management

Assessment Management is another module that empowers you to record and evaluate the learning progress of students and share it with their parents.

Fee management and payroll

Using this module of the school management software, you can easily create fee planning, organize students under fee plans, and develop fee receipts and reports. Moreover, managing payroll for staff and teachers is also easier than ever.

You can handle payroll calculation, tax deduction, reimbursements, payslips, etc. You can get a comprehensive overview of school finances.


To conclude, school management software is the right platform for your school as it digitizes and streamlines the entire school management process.

  • Besides School Information Management.
  • Campus Management.
  • Faculty management.
  • Student management.
  • Attendance and leave management.

etc. this particular tool also helps in managing human resources, library, and inventory. What else? Other features are notifications, notice boards, results, reports and progress cards, and promotions. Students and parents can easily access material and directly communicate with teachers at any time.


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