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Best School ERP Software

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For what reason Do Schools Need School ERP Software?

The bigger the school, the additional time school chairmen need to deal with assignments like affirmations, expense the board, schedule the executives, and so on School ERP system is a far reaching school the executives arrangement that permits you to all school measures, like confirmation, participation, transportation, and more from one spot. UDT eSchool is among Top 10 best school ERP software.

Best School ERP

The UDT eSchool has an all-day any time of the week's availability for application. It receives its applicants year-round. The entire application is centralized and revolved around cloud-based domains. The servers are fitted with high-level architecture that works everywhere with SOA and micro-services for data security purposes hence keeping your data and information safe, and we encrypted.

Every individual associated with the application, the director, the principal, the teaching faculty, and the parents are supposed to access the mobile application. They are given access to the web application login. Parents, teachers, and associated personnel will receive push notifications for every activity within the mobile application.

Best School ERP

Best School Software

Functions of the UDT Dashboard

Get Top 10 Best School ERP Software to manage your school or college efficiently. If you are searching for Searching for top 10 school erp in india, best school erp software, school erp software in india? Then UDT eSchool is providing you the solution. For every role within the dashboard, the parents, the director, the principal, and the teaching staff, a personalized dashboard is assigned. The users accessing the mobile application can get an insight into the multiple different modules through a simple summarized data representation. This outlined data representation gives acute clarity to the users.

All data modes are specifically represented graphically for a better understanding of the representation and greater analysis purposes to the user.

User-friendly registration

One of the significant add-ons of UDT eSchool is that it is extremely user friendly in terms of registration and the process towards registration. This helps towards the maintenance of users accessing the mobile application. The proof of registration, the registration form is supposed to be printed out by the user for registration purposes. In terms of bulk rolls, multiple types of utility are imported to avoid complications.

When applying for registrations, it Is mandatory and compulsory to upload all the relevant documentations asked in the registration form during the process of registration. Hence, maintain all your documents in order to make the process of registration simple.

Attendance records

In terms of attendance, the admin or the teaching faculty can automatically take attendance through their mobile device or web portal. The attendance roll is made very compact for the teachers and admin. One attendance call is dealt with, an individual's presence and absence of the session is automatically notified to the parents through push notification.

Therefore, the attendance of an individual is held record by the parents and the teachers. In this way, both the student and the faculty's overall attendance records are always ready and maintained up to date for reference purposes.

Feasible fee management

The fee structure and hierarchy of UDT is effortlessly customizable and can be personalised for an individual depending upon the system that they choose and fall in. an individual student's fee is accepted through manual entry, through net banking, by way of debit and credit cards or even the POS machine.

You can print your respective fee receipt and use it further future references if in case they are needed. Parents of the students get automatic push notifications and reminders about the fee payment due date and deadlines to pay the fee for the respective period. Parents can get access to this through their mobile applications on their smart devices.

Home works and assignments

At UDT home works and assignments are not followed by and given through in the most traditional and orthodox manner. Learning and understanding are taken seriously. At UDT home works are given in an innovative way by sending images from the teachers to the respective students, thus reducing unnecessary noting notes.

Every single student is notified about the homework or assignment assigned to them individually instead of just announcing to the entire class. Thus, making sure that every student understands the work assigned and is notified personally. Parents are also informed of the day to day home works and assignments given by teachers to their wards through push notifications and text messages.

Application for leave

The application for leave allows students and teaching faculty to apply for their respective leaves for a whole day or half a day of that particular day according to their needs. Instant notification is sent to the students and teachers on the status of their application. Thus, students and teachers do not have to worry about their leave application's approval and quality.

All the leave application records of students and teaching faculty are maintained and saved within the UDT administration with complete status and evaluation of the leave application for further use and reference of leave applications.

Performance of faculty

Specific parameters are set and given to evaluate every teaching faculty's performance within the UDT faculty group. Classification of students into categories is made through grade-wise grouping from the mean of all their examinations. This process of grouping and classifications allows the teachers to analyse the overall performance of every student individually quickly. Thus, it helps the teacher identify areas of improvement and areas where extra work needs to be put in.

This is how the performance of teaching faculty function and impact the other surrounding individuals.

Collection of reports

Specific parameters are set and given to evaluate every teaching faculty's performance within the UDT faculty group. Classification of students into categories is made through grade-wise grouping from the mean of all their examinations. This process of grouping and classifications allows the teachers to analyse the overall performance of every student individually quickly. Thus, it helps the teacher identify areas of improvement and areas where extra work needs to be put in.

This is how the performance of teaching faculty function and impact the other surrounding individuals.

Management of library

The administration of UDT eSchool has proper maintenance of the library. In the library of UDT, which is one of the finest. The administration takes care and manages all the transactions of the books within the library. That is, the books being issued and the books being borrowed by teaching faculty and the students concerned.

The UDT eSchool library mobile application consistently sends frequent reminders throughout the expiration of the borrowing period to remind the students and borrowers to return the books to the library so that the students and borrowers do not forget to return the borrowed books. The management of UDT makes sure to send procurement requests to manage the books within the library.

Live notifications

Receive live notifications from the administration regarding any event or amendments or regular notifications. Transactional information regarding the payments and fees can be checked and sent instantly and received instantly. The delivery status of your messages can be verified and checked upon immediately without a wait.

The templates to create a message or save a particular message can be saved easily without a hassle. This builds an easy and healthy communication rapport between the user and the administration. Thus, making It easier for everyone to function within.

Timetable maintenance

The UDT mobile application allows you to create time tables of all the classes in simple methods. Hence, helping the student and the teacher to keep track of all the courses for the following week. Notification is automatically sent to parents and teachers from the administration in case of any changes or amendments about the updates in the timetable.

In some instances, when the teaching faculty is absent, the timetable will automatically allocate a substitute teacher that is ready to take over that specific class temporarily in place of the original form teacher. Prior notifications are given to the teacher in case of any unanticipated allocation changes in the timetable.

Grievance application

The application allows the students, parents, and teachers to digitalize the grievances of their circumstances. These grievances will be accepted for attendance purposes to boost the individual's attendance if necessary and needed by the administration and the faculty.

You can get hold of an individual's real-time availability of grievances.


The UDT admin makes sure to allow and access the live streaming of IP cameras on your mobile application. This allows live streaming of yourself to the UDT mobile application or the UDT web application directly. Hence, the teaching faculty teaching you can also monitor you and your activities, and they can also interact with the students and have an engaging learning session to go on.

Classroom features of eSchool

The UDT application enables live lessons within the online classes for the students to access live courses and lectures from the teaching faculty. Getting access to all the life lessons online will be a significant benefit to all the students and will make the job of the teaching faculty much more comfortable.

Attendance for students will be taken into account for every class they attend. The eSchool will strictly follow a wise lecture attendance for every student. These are some of the primary classroom features of the eSchool.

eSchool documents access

The administration allows you to gain access and allow access to the identity and data towards the documents of the staff and compliance documents of the faculty when needed and necessary.

The administration of the application allows you to digitalize all the individual documents and the compliance documents of every individual of the UDT eSchool fraternity.

Pharmacy regulations

The pharmacy regulations of UDT eSchool are pretty convenient and straightforward. The mobile application allows you to maintain and manage all your medicine stocks in order to keep them classified. The mobile application and web application will enable you to upload all your bills and receipt to the forum to keep a record of them.

This allocation of bills and receipts allows the users to extract and keep records of their accounts easily and passes in the format of excel sheets or PDFs according to the convenience and needs of the user.

Birthday reminders

The UDT administration has a database where it holds account of all the birthdates of all the students and the teaching faculty altogether. On the day of an individual student's birthday or a particular teaching faculties birthday, the admin receives a push notification about their birthday.

The admin automatically sends a birthday wish to the individual faculty or the individual student on their birthday as per the saved date within the database.

Admission growth rate

The overall admission growth rate is analysed on an annual basis from year to year. A collection of the admission growth data is saved within the database to analyse at the beginning of every academic year. This analysis of the admission rate every year helps the UDT firm to grow tremendously with proper research and strategies.

Evaluating and analysing the growth rate data helps the administration and management to strategize the plans for the following academic year in the best way possible. It allows the administration to make the best possible changes to make the UDT firm a better firm than before.

Strength wise allocation

The administration monitors the student's strength and class strength within a class, which allows the administration to efficiently allocate and plan activities according to the power of the class and the number of students present within a particular class.

Activities will be arranged and planned according to the strength of the students present within a class. Therefore, the right degree of activities and events are scheduled according to the number of students present within a particular class, and students do not miss out on anything.

Visitor pass system

The entire application is designed in such a way that the visitor pass is first printed an automatic welcome message is generated to the visitors to welcome them. Concerned authorities are alerted and informed about the particular visitors visiting prior to their entry so that the concerned staff can take care of the rest.

Visitors' details about the visit and their entry allowance status are sent to their mobile device through a message notification like SMS. Hence, visitors can quickly come to knowledge about their visit status and look forward to visiting the teaching faculty, management, and the student.

Enquiry system

The administration takes care of all the enquiry records and maintains them in the best possible manner to hold all the enquiry records together classified and grouped so that it is easy to search and use for further use. Enquiry updates are now quickly sent to the respective recipients through simple text notifications for easy access.

Easy follow-ups are created to facilitate enquiry and other questions following the enquiry of anything remotely related to the UDT eSchool firm. This allows the parents and gives them more access to enquire and educate themselves about the UDT eSchool mobile application in general.


Transportation facilities within the UDT eSchool are top-notch and do not fall short of any standards than any other top-notch transportation service provider. All means of transportation within the UDT eSchool are monitored and governed by GPS tracking device systems within a single map system. Parents can easily access the location of their ward's respective vehicle of transport within the UDT mobile application.

Live streaming of the CCTV footage of the activities and events of the students within the transportation are monitored and showcased within the UDT mobile application. If the transportation's respective driver is over speeding or driving recklessly, an alert pop up message is sent to the administration instantly to take notice of the happening. All vehicles have an inbuilt emergency alarm option to get help in specific emergencies.