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School Management Software

School Management Software has been designed and developed as per the schools requirements

School Management Software

Running a school or college brings a lot of challenges. The management team has to deal with several daily activities and tasks, such as tracking admission, Class wise performance, Teachers activity, Fees and financial data, Student performance, Staff records, Attendance, Homework and classwork, Exam schedules and performance records, Fee records and online payment. Moreover, keeping records of attendance and leaves, student details, Lab attendance, Absent/present, Transportation, Payroll and salary, Reimbursement, Promotion/Transfer, Library/book reports are other challenges. To streamline the process and keep hassle out of the way, schools are always on the search for the next big thing. That is where School Management Software comes into the picture.

What is School Management Software?

School management software is a tool developed to manage and streamline the daily administrative and non-administrative tasks. It allows schools to complete all the tasks and ensure smooth functioning of the school or institute. Schools can easily manage, track daily activities, and keep records of attendance, salary, reimbursement, payroll, fee, timetable, admissions, leaves, examination administration, course scheduling, student details and a variety of other functions.

How To Choose The Best School Management Software?

To choose the best school management software, check features and modules, including Students Admission Management, Fee Payment option, Maintenance of Attendance Record, Homework Management, Access for Parents, teachers, students and other important people, Exam Management, Library Management, Time Table Management, Inventory Management, Effective Communication, School Vehicle Tracking, Affordability & Customization and User-friendly Design.

What are the benefits of UDT?

UDT School Management Software is easy to use for students, teachers, parents and management of school. It provides on-time correct information about exam schedule, attendance, teacher’s detail, course module, fee details, transport allotment, inventory, library to name a few. The deployment of this tool streamlines the process, reduces paperwork, and allows better decision making.

Which kind of school can use school management software?

Any type of educational institution or school can use this software, especially where there is a need for managing schools properly. The software is ideal for small, medium or large schools and colleges.

Does UDT offer support?

Yes, UDT offers quick support at any time. Just raise a complaint or your concern over the phone or email, and we our support team will contact you shortly to fix the issues at the earliest.

School Management Software

Student Management Software

Income and expense management

Get one stop solution for hassle-free Student Management Software. Looking for school management software name suggestions, school management software price, best free school management software in india, online school management software, school management software free? then UDT eSchool is providing the solution. The UDT administration maintains and keeps accounts of all the records and modes of income and expenses of the group to evaluate and analyse the school's needs for growth and development. The administration of UDT uploads and showcases all the bills with receipt to create transparency to the respective authorities and users who have access to the accounts.

Users who have access to the bills and have a UDT mobile application can gain access to the data related to income and expense of the particular sphere and extract all the records to themselves in the form of excel sheets and PDF formats to the convenience of themselves. Hence, there is transparency between the management and the users.

Student Management Software

Inventory management

UDT eSchool presents one of the high quality and affordable School Management Software. The management of inventory is something the UDT administration takes care of really well and is careful with. The admin of UDT meticulously maintains and holds all records and transition files of the stocks of the eSchool. The admin has access to upload all forms of bills and receipts related to the stocks in the mobile application and the web application for the users to verify.

Users who have direct access to the bills and receipts and have an individual UDT mobile application get access to the data related to the income and expense of the inventory forum. This allows the user to extract all the data and records to themselves in either PDF formats or excel sheets to the convenience of themselves. Thus, creating transparency within the system.

Student Management Software

Management of mess

The UDT eSchool is providing Student Management Software. This software has a mess management module through which you can manage your mess schedules and preferences. All bills and receipts related to the mess will have to be uploaded on the mobile application and the web application for the administration and the users' convenience.

All the records and data related to the bills and receipts related to the mess can be extracted through the mobile application or web application in the form of excel sheets or PDF formats according to the user's convenience.

School Management Software