E-commerce Payment System

Online Payment System has been designed and developed as per the schools requirements

Online Payment System

Get best online payment system. The UDT eSchool has an all-day any time of the week's availability for application. It receives its applicants year-round. The entire application is centralized and revolved around cloud-based domains. The servers are fitted with high-level architecture that works everywhere with SOA and micro-services for data security purposes hence keeping your data and information safe, and we encrypted.

Every individual associated with the application, the director, the principal, the teaching faculty, and the parents are supposed to access the mobile application. They are given access to the web application login. Parents, teachers, and associated personnel will receive push notifications for every activity within the mobile application.

Modules & Features

Management of payroll

The admin of the UDT eSchool manages and allocates all the financial aspects of an employee's salary, an individual employee's allowances, the deduct pay for salary or allowances from an employee's monthly earnings, and so on are all the sole responsibility of the admin of the UDT eSchool online payment system.

The admin then makes sure that the employee of the fraternity gets an automated generated pay-slip as a form of proof for the employee's payment transactions occurred.


UDT makes accounting so much simpler. UDT has its accounting domain to help you stay on top of your finances. To help you to manage and audit your finances with one of the most potent real-time reports and charts. The login access to these accounts is given to those users on a safe and secure mode of operation without a hassle.

Users of the UDT firm can access these accounts from anywhere and anytime from the convenience of their mobile devices with the help of the UDT mobile application at any time needed and from any place of access.

Revenue and growth

The administration has access to the revenue and the growth of the UDT eSchool firm. All data entries related to the income and the development are analysed on a monthly basis to improve the expenditure and savings of the UDT eSchool firm. The decision to cut down on stocks or to buy into more is visualised through the monthly revenue growth analysis.

A pictorial and graphical representation of data is put up to get a better understanding of revenue growth. Thus, helping the administration can get a better look at the overall growth and revenue of the firm.