Online Exam Software

E-Online Exam Software has been designed and developed as per the schools requirements

Online Examination System

Purchase affordable Online Examination System. Searching for online examination system project report, features/benefits of best online exam software price in India? then UDT eSchool is providing the best solution. Using our software, Students can easily schedule their tests and exams through class wise scheduling. Therefore, not missing out on a test or exam. Scheduling exams help them to stay on track with their exams without forgetting them. These exam schedules can be shared with the teachers and parents, thus bringing it to their notice.

This Online Exam Software helps the parents to also stay on track with their ward's exams and test, thus staying notified. Before every test or scheduled exam, an automatic alarm is set to inform the student and other individuals to keep on track with the schedule so that they get reminded of the tests and the examinations to occur.

Online Exam Software

Notification of results

All the students' mark sheets are printed as per and according to both the CBSE and the state board format to facilitate both the formats. The administration and the teachers can upload structures students' marks through the UDT mobile application and the web application of the UDT website. The parents of the respective wards can view their wards' results through the mobile application of UDT.

Since the results are openly out in the UDT mobile application and the web application of UDT, teachers and parents have a platform to analyse and evaluate their wards' results by themselves. Thus, giving teachers and parents to help with the performance of their ward.