How Online Examination System Is Better Than Traditional Examination System?

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The evolution of the education system has improved the quality of education. It has positively impacted learning and assessment by bringing an online examination system. Most schools these days prefer to conduct online classes and online assessments. All this has become possible only with the help of online school management and online exam software. These software come with multiple features that are helpful in conducting school or college exams successfully. However, many schools and educational institutions are still following the traditional examination system. They are not very aware of the benefits offered by the online examination system. In this blog, we are sharing why the online exam system is better than the traditional exam system.

Conduct exams from any location

Online exams are conducted using a computer system, internet, and software installed in the system. One need not visit any specific exam centers to take these exams. Instead, they can simply open the software and can login using their credentials to begin the exam. It is possible to give these exams from any location, but one must have an active internet connection. It saves a lot of time that goes into traveling and also eliminates the risk of reaching the exam center late. Whereas in the traditional examinations, one needs to be present at a physical exam center for giving exams.

Schedule exams with ease

Schools and colleges need not worry about scheduling exams according to the availability of classrooms and invigilators. As the exam is conducted online, they need not worry about these factors. It also lets students choose the desired slot for the examination according to their availability and preferred time. It is also one of the reasons why most students are getting themselves enrolled in online schools. However, in traditional exams, one needs to look for classroom availability, arrange invigilators, and schedule a proper timetable for exams.

Eliminates the need for paper

Be it for writing the exam, printing exam papers, or releasing the exam result or mark sheet, the online examination system doesn’t require schools to make use of paper. Schools can get online exam software where they can upload test papers and can also publish results. Using the same software, students can take exams without having to use paper. They do not require a hard copy of their admit card, as they can simply enter their registration number or roll number to access the online examination. Whereas, when giving traditional or offline exams, a lot of paper is utilized. From getting admit cards to test papers, writing exams to giving results, paper is required everywhere.

No need for invigilators

Online schools or exams do not require the presence of invigilators when conducting exams or quizzes. The online exam software comes with security features that automatically invigilate with the help of a camera. That is why it is advised to make use of laptops or desktops with cameras to keep an eye on students. The online exam doesn’t allow you to switch to any other browser or tab during the examination. No matter where students are taking exams, they will not be able to cheat. If they are found doing so, the online exam page will close automatically, and students will not be able to take the exam. However, in the offline examination system, invigilators are required in every classroom to keep an eye on the examinees. Examiners are also required to successfully conduct the examination by verifying admit cards and distributing exam papers and examination copies.

Saves a lot of time

It is evident that the online examination system does not require examinees to visit exam centers, which saves their time. Also, no manual verification of admit cards and no distribution of test papers and examination copies is required. Teachers need not invest a lot of time in designing test papers manually, as it can be done with the help of online examination software. Unlike the offline exams, teachers need not check every examination copy manually. Instead, they can save the answers online on the software, and it will automatically check all the online exam sheets. With all such benefits offered by online exams, it is easy to save a lot of time with ease. Whereas in offline exams, one needs to invest a lot of time in all these tasks due to manual work.

With so many benefits offered by online examination systems, we can understand that switching to online exams is better than traditional exams. If you are planning to adopt online exam software for your school, then buy from UDT eSchool, one of the best online exam software providers. It comes with reliable features and offers multiple tools that assist during online exams.




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