Online Education May Take Over Traditional Education Due to COVID-19

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COVID-19 has hit the education sector badly. Billions of children are deprived of proper education as most schools are closed.

This change is temporary, but experts say that the increasing number of cases and covid-19 variants coming in can entirely change the education industry. Let’s quickly look at some key points that may bring a change in the education sector.

Blended Examination Module 

India today is going digital. Government and private schools are taking up many initiatives to ensure every child can get their education even during the pandemic. One of the initiatives is the introduction of School ERP Software, School Management Software, Online Exam Software, and so on. These systems enable schools and colleges to impart online education to children.

For example, the Secure and Automated Online Examination Module helps students, parents, and schools to perform the following activities online:

  • Schools can schedule tests and exams online and share them with students and parents
  • Students and parents can track their exams
  • They will be notified about upcoming exams or tests so they get reminded for appearing in online tests
  • Schools can print mark sheets online both the CBSE and the state board format
  • They can upload students’ marks through School Management Software
  • Students or their parents can view results through the online school system

So, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of learning will come with the blended school management system. More schools will encourage face-to-face communication and e-learning to reap the benefits of both worlds. The Secure and Automated examination module will take over the old examination pattern. There will be no more pen-paper examinations, and students will appear in exams from different places and easily pass through.

Redefined Roles of Educators

Roles of educators who are known as “Knowledge Givers” will now be facilitators. The teachers will be expected to utilize online learning tools effectively, so they become experts in self-learning.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Coming future will discard the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach followed mostly in traditional classrooms and use technology. AI will help every student and have the opportunity to engage through the different types of content such as video, audio, and presentations to increase personalized learning.

In a nutshell, as educators, we must take and will take the responsibility to equip ourselves with suitable coping mechanisms. This will help build and strengthen the education system and build connections with adults, fellow children, and teachers.


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