10 Reasons to Use Online Examination Systems for Schools

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With the advancement in technology, the school education and examination system is also evolving. Unlike the old times, most schools these days are focusing on an online examination system. Given the benefits that come with online exams, they are now used for both supplementary as well as descriptive exams. The availability of online school software has made it easy to conduct such examinations.

Let’s discover a few reasons to know why using online examination systems for schools is considered better these days. Knowing these reasons will help other schools and colleges to adopt online class software for learning and examination systems.

Save Time

Due to the long procedures and formalities that are conducted before the commencement of the examination, more time is required. But when conducting these exams, such processes can be eliminated. One can easily fill out their examination form online with ease, without the need for the invigilator to verify them. The online examination also allows one to enroll online along with giving online exams. Filling exam or admit card details online is easier with the help of the internet.

Cut down the use of paper

Be it descriptive exams or supplementary exams; both can be conducted online. One does not need a pen and paper to give an online examination. Not only that, but one also does not require a hard copy of admit card or test paper, or mark sheet. One can check them online and can use their softcopy by downloading them with ease. It completely reduces the use of paper, which helps in saving paper and decreasing paper waste.

Conduct a variety of exams with ease

Online exams increase the scope of conducting a variety of exams with ease. Be it supplementary exams (MCQs), multiple choice questions, descriptive exams, questionnaires, or quizzes, all of these can be conducted with ease. Teachers need not do excessive work in designing question papers for such exams. The software offered by UDTeSchool provides a format for preparing examination papers for different exams. It saves both the time and effort of teachers.

Eliminate the need for physical exam centers

Online exams do not require physical exam centers to conduct examinations. One needs a computer with internet access and a web camera attached to the computer system to give an online examination. It eliminates the need to search for exam centers, get approvals for conducting exams there, manage seat arrangements, and allot different exam centers to students according to their roll number. Students can simply give exams from home, and it has become possible with the help of an online examination system.

No requirement for invigilators

Unlike offline examinations, online examinations are conducted under the surveillance of web cameras. The computer system on which the examinee is giving the exam must have a working web camera to monitor them. The online exam software allows the camera to detect any person, book, copy, page, smartphone, or any digital device kept near the examinee. The examinee will not be able to continue with the exam until and unless he or she will not remove those objects. That is why it is advised that you do not keep anything with you or near you when giving online exams.

Automated Exam Process

Students and teachers need not worry about how to go ahead with the online examination. The online exam software comes with easy instructions, and they do not require a lot of manual handling except for the answers that the students need to fill out. All students will get a unique id for giving the exam, and after submission of one answer, the software will automatically take students to the next question. Students can easily edit the answers if required or can move to any question by simply clicking on it. The examination will start at the given time, and once the time gets over, it will automatically close the answer screen.

Easy and accurate analysis of the answers

Teachers do not require to do the manual checking of the answer sheet of every student separately. The answers to each question can be filled in the software. It will automatically analyze the answers of every student according to the answers filled in by teachers without the need for manual handling. It helps in the accurate assessment of answer sheets and eliminates the scope of manual error. It also helps in fast assessment, which helps students get results within a few days instead of waiting for weeks.

No fear of leakage of question papers

All the question papers are computerized and cannot be accessed by anyone before the commencement of the examination. Students will be able to access the question paper only on the day of the examination after entering their roll number or the unique code given to them. In offline examinations, there is always a fear of question papers getting leaked or stolen, or damaged. But online examinations save teachers and exam administration from all these problems. Thanks to the technology that helps in programming online examination systems by feeding the exam date and timing in the system.

Get ready for competitive exams in advance

Most competitive exams are conducted online these days. It is often found that many aspirants are not aware of even the basic things about online exams and face difficulty in attempting them. With the availability of online class software, one can easily understand all the instructions with ease. It prepares one not only for the online school assessment but also for future competitive exams. It also makes one aware of how online assessments work. It will help one not feel nervous when giving online competitive exams after school.

Cutting Examination Cost

School administration invests thousands of rupees every year in conducting offline exams. The cost of the test copies, printing of test papers for more than 1000s students, and arranging seats, etc., is vast. To avoid such huge costs, one can simply get online exam software which is available at affordable prices when buying from UDTeSchool.

All these reasons make one prefer the online examination system over the offline examination system. If you also wish to bring such changes to your school education system, then get online school software from a reliable school management expert. If you are confused about whom to choose, go for UDTeSchool without any worries. UDT eSchool provides technically upgraded school software with enhanced and user-friendly features for both students and school administration.


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