Top 10 School ERP in India


The constantly evolving technology is one of the major reasons behind the change in the school education system. Since the beginning of the digital era, many schools and colleges are progressing by adopting new ways of education and school management. The school ERP software is also a part of the revolutionizing education system. Most schools in metro cities have started using student management software due to the multiple benefits offered by it. However, not every school ERP software is successful and that is why, one must choose it from the list of top 10 school ERP software.


Choosing the best school ERP will help one get several benefits including admission management, management of student information, fees management, E-Learning, online assessment, online school administration management, attendance management, and lots more. Though, with the availability of multiple school ERP software, it is confusing for schools to choose the right one. In this blog, we are sharing a list of the top 10 school ERP in India which comes with the best features that help in managing multiple school functions with ease. They are:

  1. UDT eSchool
  2. Edunext
  3. Entab Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Campus 365
  5. School ERP
  6. School Canvas
  9. My Class Campus
  10. Open Educat

Before you decide to buy any of these ERP software, let’s get some information about them. It will help you buy the best and right management software for your school.

UDT eSchool

For a multi-functioning school ERP software, UDT eSchool ERP software is considered the best among all. It comes with a dashboard with accessibility for students, teachers, parents, and school management. Every function can be managed with ease through the dashboard only. Being the top school management software, it offers user-friendly registration. It comes with several functions that include attendance records, feasible fee management, home works and assignments, application for leave, the performance of faculty, collection of reports, management of the library, timetable maintenance, grievance application, streaming, eSchool documents access, birthday reminders, visitor pass system, enquiry system, transportation, live notifications, and lots more.

With all such functionalities available in single ERP software, one need not invest in any other. We do offer support to schools to help them understand the interface of this software. UDT eSchool software is available at cost-effective prices.


It is one of those school management software that helps monitor all the school management tasks with ease. Like UDT eSchool, EDUNEXT’s ERP software is also available to use by teachers, students, school management, and parents. From offering a proper e-learning platform and online assessments for students to enabling teachers to take online classes and share e-resources, this ERP software is best suited for all. One can easily access it through mobile phones with the help of the easy-to-use school ERP app.

Entab Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

With the aim to bring innovation to the school management system, Entab Infotech has come up with a cloud-based ERP software with assorted features. It is known for offering 360-degree solutions through one platform. The company started working on the idea of building a reliable ERP digital platform in the year 2000 only. At present, it is successfully helping schools in proper management of the database and education system by bringing digital revolution using their ERP software.

Campus 365

With the help of customizable dashboards and handy features, Campus 365 is helping schools by automating most of the administrative and academic functions. It is known for its convenient interface which comes with different options including attendance management, accounting, fee management, email integration, admission management, CRM integration, course management, batches management, document management, examination management, and lots more. These functions enable one to make the best use of the ERP software for complete management.

School ERP

It is one of the most beneficial ERP software for managing payroll and education systems among the top 10 school ERP. Right from the management of fee submission to managing salary distribution and deduction, attendance automation to exam management, the School ERP is suitable for most functions that are carried out in a school. It comes with a free trial option and can be accessed on mobile phones too by installing School ERP mobile app.

School Canvas

To automate every single function taking place at school, School Canvas is the best school management software to go with. Be it for students or school management, it is one of the ERP software which has made the school workflow easy. To manage everyday school activities including both big and small activities for faster results, less manual work, and more productivity, going for this school ERP software is best. It comes with 24 by 7 support, for hassle-free use of ERP software.


For the smart and automated management of school operations related to school staff, students, and parents, MYSKOOLAPP is the best to go with. With the help of its cloud-based system, one can access school-related information from any place. Be it the student’s attendance or their assessment, admission details or fee submission details, one can edit or download the required reports easily. It comes with separate student login, teacher login, admin login, and parent login options.


It is considered the best school ERP software due to the kind of data encryption and security offered by EDUMAAT software. In today’s world when we have several ERP apps helping us manage data and school activities with ease. Most of these ERPs lack data security options which is a big problem for school management systems. But thanks to software like these, which not only offer customization options and easy management. It also allows auto backup and complete security for protecting all important data.

My Class Campus

It is one of those top 10 school ERPs, which is designed not only for schools but is also helping colleges and other educational institutions. The constant up gradation in the modules and features of My Class Campus software helps in offering the best and most reliable solutions. It is a multiple features software that allows one to access data, communicate with ease, and input details without difficulty. It is one of those modern school and educational software that can be accessed on both desktop and mobile phones.

Open Educat

For transforming school education according to the modern and digital era, Open Educat is the most preferred software. It is the best top 10 school ERP software that helps one connect to multiple educational platforms, like Big Blue Button, Zoom, and a few others. Other than offering better communication and easy data management, this software also helps in conducting education surveys. It also comes with an online educational forum for all discussions related to education.


Most of these software are accessible on both desktop and mobile which makes them easily accessible. According to the requirement of different schools and their size and capacity, they can choose from the top 10 school ERPs in India. If you are looking for the most affordable school management software with the best and multiple functions, going for UDT eSchool ERP software is best. It has all that a school requires for matching the expectations of the digital educational era.


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