How Online Examination System Works 2023

Online Examination System

In this competitive world, online examination systems have become popular in schools and institutions of all levels. These AI-powered tools allow actionable insights into a student’s learning outcomes and generate project reports.

They are designed to provide many benefits over old-school paper-based exams. These benefits are available or everyone, be it school management, teachers, or students.

Online Examination System

How Does an Online Examination System Work?

An Online examination system works by offering a digital platform that allows educators to conduct and monitor exams. The platform can also enable them to:

  • set questions
  • set time limits
  • assign exams to students. 

Students can easily log in to this digital tool from anywhere and take the exam with an internet connection. The good thing is parents or guardians can track their ward’s exams and tests. 

Built by using advanced technologies, ML, and AI, the online examination system is equipped with many security measures to establish the integrity of the exam.

To take an example:

  • The tool prevents students from accessing other websites or applications during the exam. 
  • It uses a proctoring feature to supervise students during the exam and disallow cheating.

After the exam is over, the examination software grades the exam automatically and provides the results to the educator. 

Key Highlights of Online Examination Systems

  • Efficiency: The systems grade and score online exams automatically, leading to saving time and effort.
  • Convenience: Students can take the exams from anywhere. So, the software is the best option for remote students with busy schedules.
  • Flexibility: The examination software allows schools, institutions, or academics to conduct different types of tests, such as multiple-choice, essay questions, fill-in-the-blank, and more.
  • Cost savings: Conducting exams using an online examination system saves money and time for schools. There is no need for printing question papers, supplies them, and invigilation fees.

Features Of Online Examination Systems

The best online examination system like UDT eSchool Online Exam Software comes with various features. The tool lets schools schedule exams according to their specific time and dates. It also allows them to set and manage question banks to generate random tests and exams.

Security features such as password protection, time limits, and question scrambling are a plus with the system. Teachers and school management do not need to generate reports as the tool can generate reports, showing each candidate’s performance.

How to Choose the Best Online Exam System

  1. The first step is to test the tool thoroughly before starting to use it for a real exam. With this, you will be able to identify and fix any issues.
  2. Since many different software tools are available in the market, choosing one that meets your specific needs is a wise step. Before choosing any tool, look at factors like the types of exams you need to create, and the features you need. Also, consider the budget.
  3. Make certain that the online examination software offers students clear instructions related to the login process, answering questions, and submitting the exam.
  4. The software should have a feature to monitor students during the exams so that cheating can be prevented.
  5. The next step is to review the exam results. Conduct a mock test before finalizing the online system for exams. Review the results to ensure if there is any area the participants need additional support.

UDT eSchool Online Exam Software

UDT eSchool Online Exam Software is the best online tool for exams, designed for schools, Institutes, and Academies. The software reduces the tasks of school administrators by doing everything automatically, right from the students’ registration, and creating test papers to uploading question papers and even evaluating tests.

Learners can also schedule their tests and exams through class-wise scheduling. Plus,  parents can monitor the exams and tests of their wards. The UDT eSchool Online Exam Software sends an automatic alarm to alert students to track the exam schedules.

Key Features & Benefits of UDT eSchool Online Exam Software

UDT eSchool Online Exam Software is a smart AI technology that automates the whole examination procedure. Key features and benefits include Customizable, Easy Online Proctoring, Personal Data Protection, generalization of a credibility report, Cheating Prevention Mechanisms, Supervising the exam in real-time, Adding multiple Question types, Automated Scheduling and Management, and much more.

For more details about the online examination system designed by UDT eSchool, feel free to call us. We are happy to help you.



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