Best Software for Homework Cycle with Easy Updation and Circulation Feature

Homework and assignments are important to keep the students actively charged and geared up to prepare for the examinations. But homework and assignments cannot be given today using the most traditional and orthodox manner.  Thanks to the online technology that has empowered schools to ensure proper homework and assignment to students even when the schools are partially closed duet the COVID-19 pandemic. This tool allows teachers to give homework to students in an innovative way.

Different types of systems and software are available for schools.

One of the key modules of these systems is as follow –

Home works and assignments

One of the important features of the software for schools is the ‘homework cycle for easy updation and circulation.’ This feature allows teachers to notify every single student about the homework or assignment individually. There is nothing to worry about even the school is closed due to coronavirus.

  • Homework can be assigned class-wise, section-wise, and even to a particular group of students
  • There is an option of adding a description.
  • Different kinds of files can be attached in doc., pdf, jpeg formats, or images.
  • The best part is that even images can be shared via a mobile camera.
  • This ensures that every student has understood the work assigned to them and is personally notified.
  • Parents can be informed of the day-to-day home works and assignments through push notifications and text messages.
  • It reduces unnecessary noting notes.

Those teachers teaching the same subjects in different classes can assign the same homework to students by a selection of multiple sections option. They can only pre-plan homework and can schedule for auto-publishing on mobile. Since parents and students are notified through notifications, there is no communication gap. Thus, parents can guide their children in completing the tasks assigned at home.

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